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The name your Early Childhood Center is or will be licensed to operate under including D/B/A  *
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The name, if different, that the building/real estate is or will be deeded under
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What is the licensed capacity of your center?
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Annual Payroll:

Do you own multiple locations?

If currently insured, who is your agent?
How long have you been with them?
What insurance company are you with?
Have you had any claims in the last 4 years?
Do you own your building?
If No, who owns the building?
Square feet of building:
Number of floors:
Sprinkler system:
Burglar and/or Fire Alarm:
If yes, is it monitored 24/7?
If monitored, by what company?

How is your building constructed? (Check all that apply)

Roof type (Asphalt Shingles, Clay Tiles, Metal, etc)?

What amount of coverage will you be seeking for the following?

Business Personal Property also referred to as contents or furniture/fixtures/equipment INSIDE the building
Playground Equipment & Shade Structures
Artificial Grass / Pour N Place / Rubber Surfacing
Splash Pad
Storage Shed

Swimming activities (Check all that apply)

Any animals living at the center?

Do you have or are you interested in umbrella coverage?

Do you have vehicles used for the business either personal, commercial, or both?
Please list the year, make, model, and vehicle identification number for all vehicles:

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